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FR Flight Finder

Flight Search Engine

Find all possible European Connections on the FR Network

FRconnect is a flight search engine specialising in LCC Airlines. Currently supporting queries for European Ryanair Flights. Not only you can find the best connections but also all possible combinations of flights in the network. This is ideal for self transfer flight planning and staff travel arrangements.

FRconnect is only a search engine and does not allow you to book flights or compare prices, you must do that directly on the Airline Website. Also always check the Airline Website for last minute changes and flight updates, our engine provides expected schedule and therefore any last minute changes won't be shown.

Due to the charges involved in accessing airline schedule and making it available instantly on the application, we charge a small subscription fee in order to cover those costs. Overtime with more active users we will reduce the price continuously in order for this project to cover the expenses only rather than making profit.